mama to a beautiful, daring, fierce (but also cuddly) toddler and wife to my fuzzy, warm husband. Our second child is expected this winter as a planned homebirth after cesarean.

We just moved our family across the county in search of a slower, more flavourfull childhood for our children. In that vein, I am in the beginning stages of becoming a Waldorf Early Childhood teacher. I strive to bring comfort, warmth, beauty and healthy food to my family with love and joy.


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  1. mudmama says:

    Hi Laura!

    I totally understand the taking a break from blogging. I couldn’t sleep last night and decided to do some online tidying. I found your comment on my blog in the spam folder! Thanks for visitiing however long ago that was. I’m SURE we know some of the same people. devin and sean for example. If you’re up for it, I would love to meet. I think we have a ton in common. Also I’m scheming for *next* autumn and have a vested interest in seeing a waldorf inspired cooperative get started here near Wolfville. (We’ve moved just over the ridge into Gaspereau and are doing micro scale farming. Send me an email and we can arrange for tea.

    Mudmama (Kerry)

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