My days

My days are so full and blur one into the other. Children climb on me. A LOT. I nurse one child, I nurse the other child. I push one in a swing, I sway the other to sleep. I pry one’s hands off the other, I grab one before they fall and hit their head. I feed one a bite, I feed the other a bite; sometimes I get to eat too, usually while one or both are whining or crying. I lay very still and quiet while they smile and coo at each other and wrestle around the bed, jumping in only if I need to prevent injury. I watch as they greet each other every morning, after every nap and absence with utter joy. And I think maybe I am doing something right even in my exhaustion. When I get up with the baby or toddler for the fifth time before midnight ( which I do, every. Single. Night.) I remember how their faces look when they see me and each other in the morning and I think it’s still worth it

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