The Kids

The last months have been such a huge adjustment for us. I am finding my rhythm slowly, letting go of many expectations –especially of myself- and learning new depths of patience, love and surrender. It hasn’t been a totally graceful road, but I have learned so much already.

Two craft projects from First Art for Toddlers and Twos… love that book!

We’ve been having new adventures…just getting a two year old and two month old out the door in winter weather is quite a challenge! I’ve been really finding new depths of gratitude in my life –for my own mother especially, my sisters, my grandmother, husband, my father (aka “poppy”) and myself.

I’m now a big advocate of leashes for little ones…this little two thinks nothing of running into traffic, or large bodies of water, and I sometimes not fast enough while pregnant or with baby strapped to me in an ergo. I applaud those of you who can afford to be morally against them…you must have extra-long arms, mellow kids, very skillful parenting, or only one child, or more widely spaced children. Good on you, but this works for us and Sapphire actually loves her *puppy pack-pack*, thanks Cheryl and David J

This sweet guy has had a bit of a rough go. Between *colic*, reflux, and an episode of apnea where he stopped breathing and his whole face turned blue (followed by an overnight hospital stay that had no conclusive tests pointing to the cause), it’s been a bit intense for us. Despite this, he is full of smiles, gurgles and coos. At 7 weeks old, he was 13 lbs J And he sleeps very well at night with rare exceptions.


Her imagination is really taking off…this is her “car”


She is becoming so much more able each day to communicate what she wants and feels, including “NO!”


I have so much more to share but a baby is drooling all over my other hand.

More soon,


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