A quick snippet


about the safety of birthplace (home/hospital/birth centre) this is referencing a study done in the UK and explains the stats nicely

and a quote from the following link based on a 10 year study in my home province:


“Out of 114,933 deliveries, there were 39 total ruptures (.o34%), with 36 of them having a previous cesarean. Complete ruptures counted for 18 of those (.016% chance of complete uterine rupture). No mother deaths.

2 infant deaths (2 0f 114,933 deliveries is a 0.0017%). One of the deaths the mother had a previous cesarean, one had no previous cesarean”

I feel strongly women should have the correct information about homebirth and VBAC. It astounds me how many people are misinformed and go around toting that misinformation. From the first link, you may notice that women in hospital had nearly 30% higher intervention rate than homebirth group…this was factoring in low-risk, healthy women only in both groups…and the outcomes of safety were the same in all groups…what does that say about unnecessary interventions? They are not without risk to mom or baby, often long-term risks. We seldom hear about the deaths and disabilities caused by these interventions. I could so easily link so much more research, but I’ll leave you to decide for yourself. A woman should be where she feels safest first and foremost, supported by loving care. Women need to take back their bodies and births, do research, listen to all sides and make an informed choice based on their own situation. It is not wrong to choose a hospital, but for many women it is not the safest choice. Birth is always risky, but remember if you are a vbac mom, especially if you are NOT induced, your risk of rupture is far lower than many other complications such as cord prolapse. What is going in in obstetrics right now around VBACs is nothing more than hysteria. If you are within 20 minutes of a hospital and call ahead, you will likely arrive in time for an emergency in the same amount of time it would take them to wheel you to the operating room within the hospital.

For more information, contact your local ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network)

And any flaming or derogatory comments will be promptly deleted. This is a positive space for vbac’ers, homebirthers, and women who make any informed choice –even hospital. We all deserve respect and choices!


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  1. Lyn Town says:

    You are an incredible woman Laura. I love reading your stuff. I should have commented earlier. As my old grandpa use to say as I was stitting cuddled up on his lap, “Are ye with me or ‘gin me.” “I’m with you Grandpa.” You are going into this so well prepared. It is going to be wonderful for you Hayley and little Saphirre. I can hardly wait to hear how wonderful it is for you to be holding that little new babe on your chest. God bless you sweetie….and your family
    Love Lyn

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