Busy little squirrels

My beautiful loves on *his* birthday marking a quarter century…and my quarter century birthday the next day.

We’ve added a meal blessing to every meal now. This one is our favorite, and quite common in waldorf schools:

Earth who gives to us our food

Sun who makes it ripe and good

Dear Earth, dear Sun, we will not forget what you have done.

Also, this song, has made it’s beautiful way into our lives. Did I link it before? Oh well!

We’re watching the signs of autumn and approaching winter…mostly just Sapphire and I as we are in the midst of our crazy harvest hours for Haley.

Visiting relatives and seeing the animals at the nearby (small but free) zoo!

The otters were a hit. Proud of this shot, I took about 20 trying to get these slippery quick swimmers before the moved on!

Knitting small things, right now I’m working on a brown baby bunny for the white mama you’ll see below. Pattern from Creative Play for your Toddler such an awesome book of Waldorf crafts and toys to make with and for your tot and preschooler, most are pretty beginner-friendly.

We’ve gone back to cloth. Pictured is a one size sweet pea diaper cover. I have let go of my need to have all our diapers be natural materials only…the cotton prefolds were not absorbent enough for our sensitive baby quail and that is why we have used disposables for months now. We have the little beetle one size little to big merino wool covers too. I do like them, but not as much for runny breastmilk poop as they don’t have a double leg gusset and constantly hand washing wool isn’t fun. We also ordered 60 birdesye cotton flat diapers (like the old fashioned squres you gotta fold) for their economy and adaptability to be able to fold them in different ways for different sized babies (and fold them around the legs like a fitted diaper to keep poop in better than a tri-folded prefold does). But we are loving Kawaii One size diapers for night time. Hello microfiber. I decided it was ok to compromise a bit and do what works for my babies as cloth of any kind is better for them and the earth. We just got a couple to try and are hoping for more as gifts. For those wanting to try cloth, I would say do a lot of research on your needs…for instance, I read numerous reviews about all my covers, diapers etc. before buying because I needed diapers that were economical, would easily fit a newborn and a toddler at once, as non toxic as possible etc. Diaperpin.com is a great source for reviews, as well as mothering.com forums. We also *finally* purchased a diaper sprayer that hooks up to the toilet shut off valve. The best 30$ I’ve spent on my kiddos, it makes poopy diapers SO much easier and I so wish we got one before.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers and new friends and our place is mostly furnished, despite having moved with only a highchair and child’s rocker! Family has also been so generous, and we are so grateful. Meanwhile, I shop at the thrift store for what we need, such as these curtains, tablecloth, sheets etc.

As part of my Foundation course with the Rudolf steiner centre I am attempting to help sapphire to imitate me more deeply, so she begins to “cook” when I cook, “wash” when I wash etc. All on her level with things her size, though sometimes she just plain helps me. Toddlers love this, really, and though it can seem frustrating, there is far less whining and so much more confidence if you take the time.

No fancy meals lately, frozen pizzas and big ‘ol pots of soup or casserole to feed us.

My first knitted animal, a bunny, to be followed by a few more an a wet-felted playmat meadow for them to live in. The pattern is from the book linked above, Creative Play for your Toddler.

Also thinking about warmth, I stole the sheepskin on the rocker from photos I’ve seen in Waldorf schools. So comfy and warm!

I’ve missed this space, and others have too because I’ve been getting asked when I’ll post again! I name this post after Sapphire’s current favorite book Busy Little Squirrel (a great fall book for littles!). looking at the photos I see we have been busy, even above and beyond all the errands and paperwork needed to move, transfer prenatal and medical care, mail and on and on. We’ve also been having incredible and very trying challenges with sleep (adding in teething, the move, mama’s lack of milk at this point in pregnancy etc…)

And, to be honest, I’ve been feeling vulnerable and nesty. Little did I know how contentious certain aspects of our life could be, or that they would evoke concerns or confusion from people. I would just like to say, I never intended this space to open up debate, especially not on BIRTH which is a HUGE HUGE topic, deserving so much more than I can give to it in this space at the moment. It is not black and white. I trust others to do research and make a choice that feels best to them and for them and their family, my choices do not need to be what is best for you, however, I expect respect. I am not open to *ideas* or feedback about my upcoming birth unless I ask, and generally only from medical professionals that I seek out. I have read several hundred books and articles about birth on every side of the coin, this doesn’t mean I know it all, however, I consider myself well educated. I have also attended births. Some of what I have read have been obstetrical guides and manuals. And I have been surrounded by amazing women who have had both medical births and home births and seen the pros and cons of both. Maybe there are women who naively choose homebirth, however, I can say most of us do it with full knowledge of what we are choosing and great reasons, and there can be great reasons also to be in the hospital. If you are open to learning more, I am happy to send you studies showing the news that homebirth has generally been found as safe or safer than hospital birth. I think women give birth best where they are most comfortable, providing they make an informed choice and have no adverse risks. And you know what, my opinion, after all my research is that having had a c-section is not an adverse risk, my midwives and most in this country and many others agree with me. There are risks yes, but they are far smaller than many would have you believe. I support VBAC in home or hospital, and I also support and understand why a woman might choose a repeat c-section. I feel I need to be firm on this issue for all the other women reading who may be faced with obstacles. Find what is best for you, consider what risks are most comfortable for YOU… And really, if you have nothing nice to say to me about this, please go elsewhere and vent on some other blog or to some other blogger who has the time and energy to invest in your opinion.

For those who don’t know, my intuition and several others’ has been confirmed…we are expecting a little boy! I would also have loved a little girl, but a boy is new and exciting after so many girls in a row in our family. (family reading this, please refrain from anything too gender stereotypical… earth tones are a great choice on babies!) And, our baby boy will be INTACT. This is not a judgment, but a celebration of our choice. Please message me privately if you would like resources or info about keeping boys intact or the care and cleaning of the intact boys (advice is very different nowadays, no retraction necessary!)

Anyway, back to my toddler who is begging me to draw and eat dinner.

Maybe this post should have been called “stirring the pot”




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2 Responses to Busy little squirrels

  1. Lyn Town says:

    Hi Laura, Glad to hear you are going INTACT. All three of my boys are and so is my husband who is 57, his mother was progressive in the 50’s when he was born. She also fully nursed even though many were questioning her need for that considering it was right around the time when the clinically sanitized bottle and far better for baby formula propaganda was out big time. For my first son they told me to retract it carefully, keep it clean etc but by the time Joe and Max came 8 years later it was leave it alone and let it grow. Glad you are nesting. The pictures are beautiful. I am so excited for Saphirre to have a little brother. Siblings are so wonderful together. I loved watching the older take care of the little. Bless you and your family.

  2. my dear– could you please send me an email so I have yours? I’d love to chat…. bendingbirch@gmail.com xooxoxox

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