Journey’s end

On the side of the highway in New Brunswick

In *the county* at last!

Carefully considering…

Tired but happy

A nearby beach

Studying minnows in Daddy’s hands

Can you spot them?

I’m feeling optimistic and very overwhelmed with all the paperwork and details needing to be worked out. This has been the longest and most extensive move I’ve done –and I’ve moved some 40 times! But if the above photos are any indication of the life we could have here, then maybe we’ve come home. I can see myself and my family living here, maybe for a while or forever and my fingers are crossed that all the bridges we need to cross to make it permanent will appear with ease.

Fall is coming, and with it winter and a new family member. I feel that it might be time to test my wings (ready or not!) and begin a small children’s program to help offset the debt we’ve accumulated with this move and to save for further studies to become a Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher. This fall I’m beginning the foundation year program at Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto and the first reading assignment has been heady and a bit mind-blowing. This seems like a path that will help me change and grow for the better, in a way that a generic early childhood education certificate wouldn’t (though I will need one of those too).

I’m jumping right in to meal planning, herb drying and settling into a strong rhythm right along with all the extras we need to accomplish right now. What are you doing to prepare for the fall and winter? Does anyone have a great mosquito repellant (natural) recipe for my very sensitive child, how about sunscreen?

I still have so much to share from our time in Nova Scotia, but that will have to wait for now.

But please check out rhythm of the home’s fall issue!




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