Adventuring on the east coast

Hulling peas and beans for hodge podge –an east coast dish with a milk broth, new beans, peas, carrots and potatoes with plenty of butter! Recipe to come.

Visiting Baxter’s harbor in the fog at nightfall. A ghostly experience.

Venturing with “Poppy” into the mist of the waterfall.

Visiting a Catholic church in Shubenacadie for my cousin’s wedding.

This was shortly before they went outside and the bride walked down the aisle. Oh well, it was worth a try. We weren’t sure about having her run around yelling “MORE!” enthusiastically to the organist…there is only so much you can corral a one and a half year old.

The bride and groom arriving back at the family farm in a big tractor J

Barn cat

Her first calf kisses facilitated by her beloved Poppy (followed by a lot of “ewww” after she got a bit slimy)

Wedding party planning their photo shoot. It’s amazing how nice it is to return to your “home town” and experience the roots you still have there, experience community, especially after being in such a different culture with no family in the far west.

Poppy and “owie” (the closest she can get to auntie right now)

A modest feast J Seafood is definitely in my veins along with the hankering for it.

A view on our country walk.

I have so much more to share but will leave you with this for now. In less than a week we leave for our new home –finally! And big decisions are underway about our midwifery care.

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