Here I am looking rather pregnant, despite being just barely in my second trimester, picking cherries off a friend’s tree.

My mind is whirling a bit with freecycle posts I need to make, and dump runs we need to do, but as our apartment clears, so does my mind. It is amazing as we truly had so much less stuff than many people, yet there is SO much that we don’t use still…and it’s not just about the stuff, it’s about what it means, the energy to care for it, the negative associations you have with it that bring your energy and mood down every time you see it (this often becomes unconscious)…the piles, even if small, that niggle at you…releasing so much and taking only what will fit in the car is freeing me up to see how much time I spent hiding out on the computer, overwhelmed with my high needs child, not wanting to face piles of dishes, dust bunnies, etc….not inviting people over because it always required too much work. This blog is my new favorite, right now. It’s about a family that lives on a small boat with two children. They live very simply and embrace many Waldorf ideas as well. This post about teaching her children to swim (obviously very important if you live on a boat) really got me thinking. After watching a Russian water birth movie where the women birth in the sea with dolphins and seeing the relaxed way the older children (often under 4) swim was inspiring while I was pregnant with Sapphire and I vowed to teach her to swim and be comfortable in the water. We haven’t really upheld that ideal, it got buried in avalanches of sleep deprivation, but now that we will likely be spending over a month straight camping (much of it right on a lake in one of the most beautiful provincial parks in Canada) and we will have a lot of time (no house to clean etc.) maybe this dream can be a reality. And maybe we can both know new comfort with the water. My Pisces girl sure loves “wawa!”

In the fall, in addition to the Rudolf Steiner foundation course through Rudolf Steiner Centre, I will also become a certified oracle card reader with THIS course…something to tickle my fancy and hopefully bring in a small income J something I never would have been open to without all these other changes.

This move has been hardly to explain in tangible terms to people, especially if they want logical reasons…there are some (closer to college for Haley to study winemaking, lower cost of living but similar wages, closer to family…) but the real reason has been much to do with following instincts and synchronicity, and just knowing when you no longer “belong” somewhere, no matter how beautiful the place is, sometimes things stop working.

I hope to soon write a post about conscious conception of my babies –something I think needs more discussion, but until I have the space and time to do such a topic justice, I will leave with you with the link for a dear friend, mentor and coach’s website Elisabeth Manning, please do check her out. Her work is amazing and she has something for everyone, much around consciously preparing for little ones, babyspirit meditations regularly, and she also does general coaching to help you improve your life and meet your goals. I love sharing resources and learning about them, so though I’d put her out there J I have worked with her for over two years on and off now, and the results I have seen in myself and my life as a result of this work have been well worth it. At this point I think they are so normal I take them for granted. Do write to me and ask more about my experiences.

In peace,


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