Coneheaded baby hat

This coneheaded baby hat was truly easy even for me and I have never made a hat in the round before. I’ve made all of one pair of legwarmers in the round… I did make some modifications to this hat, which accounts for a few lumps and bumps. I continued to knit when I reached the last six stitches to create the “tail” then I decreased to four stitches for a few rows, then broke the yarn and threaded it through the last four stitches and tied a knot and used the extra to crochet a small chain, to which I added a very meager pom pom.

For those mamas who write and wonder how I make so much stuff…a) this hat was small (new born hats are quick) b) I knit it while sick and doing virtually nothing else including dishes 😛 but with knitting a little here and a little there goes a long way!

I quite like it, and the coneheaded part was my hopeful intention that this baby have a conehead from the VBAC we are planning.

More big news very soon. 😉


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