Leave it to Beaver…

Blueberries +flour+water =edible finger paint

Just a few shots from the last week. I have a new approach to life with a toddler: wear them out! Nature, nature, nature. Every morning we walk to a park or short trail, or take the bus and we go go go climbing on over and under, picking flowers, watching “piders” and”dants!”, chasing ducks that have lost a little too much of their natural fear, throwing rocks into rushing creeks and sticks to see how far they’ll float, sliding, swinging, exploring….then we have a picnic and walk home. Then she usually sleeps…we were getting quite a bit of outside time before but not like this where we average over 5 hours a day. This combined with a new homeopathic remedy sent by our brilliant homeopath, has my baby sleeping easily again! Whew! Now I understand why people always remark about moms with toddlers “well, she has a toddler, she’s busy!” no kidding. Non stop action, especially for my little girl.

So, without further ado, and to balance my recent belly aching, a list of gratefuls:

Feeling grateful for new leaves, grass and birds singing everywhere

Fresh pineapples in all the grocery stores (we usually buy local/seasonal but…I have a weakness for pineapple)

Friends who come help me clean my house and keep my company when I’m overwhelmed and swamped and about to receive a visitor from afar (glad you’re coming Nan Nan!)

Kefir grains given so abundantly and freely through freecycle from a friend I once gifted (more in depth about kefir soon!)

All the ladies on the yahoo group “waldorf early childhood bringing it home” for all the words of wisdom and support, I ❤ you

Rebecca at Bending Birches for her support, ideas and lovely blog J

My husband who is willing -time after time- to come home from work and “put you back together again” when I’ve fallen apart, and who forgives me when I’m snappy or impatient with him, and is the most amazing father to our quail.

For flowers pressed months ago ready for crafts…

For the fact that we still have many photos and videos, despite losing quite a few when our computer crashed

For rain and how glorious it smells and how it nourishes this land (desert)

For my amazing daughter…that she is alive and well, even though she challenges me to the limit most days, she is my greatest teacher. In her eyes I see wisdom and “I told you I would challenge you, I warned you to get ready for me, I told you I was a warrior come to cut through all the dross.” And she did and she is and she has. Thank you God.



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