The Junky Day Picnic

I had the inspiration today to start a new tradition…. “the junky day picnic”…we strive to eat local/seasonal/organic/whole foods about 99% of the time but my cravings for chocolate and chips have never fully vanished. So instead of feeling deprived and rushing out for midnight snacks, I decided why not incorporate it into our weekly rhythm? It isn’t fully junk, but definitely “treats” some with questionable levels of healthiness. Annie’s organic mac n’ cheese , fresh strawberries, sugar free juice spritzers, kettle chips and chocolate coated halva…the flowers are beautiful balsam root which blooms freely on the sandstone cliffs among the sagebrush and the wild asparagus.

It was a good moment among so many hard ones. I’m weary of discussing Sapphire’s sleeping habits lately, they are beyond ridiculous and we all, including her, are miserable with the current situation….three hours of screaming each night after our lovely bedtime routine, and now we’ve added in vomiting, and that is while she is being rocked… but I have hope. I’m taking the course Cooking for the Love of Children taught by an experienced Waldorf Kindergarten teacher (Anne-Marie Fryer) online through Wise Woman University. It’s a four week course that runs several times throughout the year and includes lessons and reading as well as some individual mentoring and a teleconference. Because it is based in a Waldorf perspective there is a good section on rhythm and it extends into your daily life with your children, not just a narrow focus on food and cooking. Anne-Marie has been kind enough to give me some ideas and tried and true methods for helping my irregular child settle into a rhythm, especially with eating and sleeping. She has even sent me the daily rhythm or her kindergarten, daily menus and prep instructions, and a weekly shopping list. I plan to jump right in with these menus and rhythms and adjust them if I need to. It feels like a relief not to have to reinvent the wheel. As mamas we need to share more with each other –especially with new mothers- about what worked and what didn’t, because chances are as unique as our children are, someone had a very similar struggle and found a solution that is worth trying.

I also sent in my application for this course at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto, along with my generic Early childhood certification it is the first step to becoming a Waldorf teacher, and really committing to a way of life I believe in and want to learn more about. I am very much looking forward to being mentored by someone more experienced, as well as diving in to some Steiner and my own exploratory process of art and journaling. To anyone else on the journey of finding what they are meant to do, I would say, deciding, or more –opening to it- is the hardest part. Once you are committed and sure it’s the best decision for you and your family, the rest is just details.

Peace, and happy spring and picnicking


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