Easter part one

A finished off chocolate palate

Easter gift I had luckily stashed away a few months back, she keeps handing me each animal so I will make the appropriate noise. Easter this year was much simpler than I’d anticipated. We’re all so short on sleep and energy right now, we haven’t even dyed our eggs yet, but this was special enough for her…

Forsythia bush outside our window…

The basket is, of course, the best thing…

The top book isn’t quite what I was expecting, but I am greatful for all the easy toy projects…wishing I’d gotten it sooner in order to knit the toy bunnies for Easter… More on these books to come.

Sleeping and general intensity has been at an all-time high for our spirited tot lately, who happens to be getting 4 molars and four teeth simultaneously and now has a cold…

Sapphire helped with this pillowcase, thus a bit crooked, but functional, a bit of sunshine on our couch.

My attempt at home decorating…a sponge painted dresser with one year old Sapphire’s foot and hand prints, atop sits the belly cast from her pregnancy. Any ideas on not to toxic ways to seal this project?

In other news, we deflated the fourth and final yoga ball in the bouncing to sleep saga. We figured it was now over 1500 hours of collective bouncing in about a year…

Easily the best take-out pizza in Canada… from Real Things in Naramata

We’ve been doing picnics and parks most weekends and sometimes twice a day for the last 4 days…it has saved our high energy tot and our sanity. Over a few days she can now manage slides by herself and has gotten much braver and is off across fields to chase ducks with wild shrieks of joy.

Retrieving said duck-chaser before she fell headlong into the lake –though it wouldn’t have been the first time this weekend that happened.

After going down a slide headfirst with a little too much gusto she got a nose and mouth full of dirt. Also in this photo you can see a hint of the spider scarf I| felted recently.

Just before she ran into the lake…

Once we dye our eggs and pant some potatoes I may have more Easter to share with you,

Happy day of rebirth…


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