Wrap skirt

I have to apologize for my hasty typo-filled posts lately…much as I love my mini netbook it is very slow loading pictures and even typing at times, so the posts have been whatever I can whip off while the baby sleeps and whatever pictures I can load and resize within ½ hour…

In all the excitement lately I forgot to show you the wrap skirt I made recently. Tutorial on www.makebabystuff.com It is maternity and I made the middle panel about 8 inches wide instead of 5 because the pattern is for a size small and I’m a medium. The outcome was a low riding skirt so I’d suggest 6.5-7 inches for mediums (but cut bigger and try it pinned first!)

And a few more trip photos of no major significance

Finally asleep in the car..phew…we’re looking into earmuffs…

She can now climb into the big rocking chair and rock it herself!

Trying to figure out what to do with this blob of cashmere I was gifted from a friend’s goats…all I know is pick out the guard hairs first…ideas anyone?

Mama and baby bath time…soon to draw to a close, at least as a nightly feature. Someone is ready for her own baths!

I have some great books to review for you coming soon.

Happy spring.


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One Response to Wrap skirt

  1. alliemc21 says:

    Love the baby and mama bathtime!

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