Dear mama

This is not great writing but it’s some reflections I’ve been having. We are honoured to have our children, and they are honoured to have us. Take care of yourselves mamas, you are the fountain they turn to and learn from, get your energy from the earth, god, the universe.

Dear mama,

You are the bridge your children cross

Into the flesh, and into the world

However they come, is sacred

Even if you cannot see it at the time

There are numerous sacred doorways inside us

Some babies come through the heart, the tummy, the gates of life

No matter how they come, they mark us and we are forever changed, and changing through them

Our breasts

Give love



A soft place for their heads

The footprints a mama must leave

So huge

That we all cower at times from their magnitude

We are so afraid to screw it up

And we do, again and again

Our children are raising us mothers

Showing us every button we still have to push

Push us into loving

Not just them,

But ourselves


Peace, Laura

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3 Responses to Dear mama

  1. Sarah says:

    I think it’s a great poem, great writing.

  2. jenn says:

    beautiful mama!

  3. Lyn Town says:

    I am going to pass it on to my niece who will be a new mama soon

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