I apologize for my long absence, our new computer died and has been sent away to the manufacturer. It was a pleasant break from computers and I found the day to be so spacious without it tempting me to “just quickly check my email” I also found that things like social planning, and paying bills and such is a big hassle for us right now without a computer, so we bought a small inexpensive netbook…mainly for me, for blogging and because I am going to school in the fall! That’s right, I finally made a decision and I’m getting my ECE (early childhood education) hopefully followed by Waldorf teacher training.

I really have so much to say right now…but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some photos of our recent adventures…

First Popsicle….we all had food poisoning and ate plenty of these as our tummies recovered.

Chasing the ducks. She now says “duck” and “bird”!

Playing in the flower bed (before seeds were planted!)

Many “home improvements” have been accomplished in this new year of the rabbit (which I’m told is much about home life) and this window bird feeder is awesome! The chickadees and finches are there constantly and Sapphire adores watching them and pointing saying “bird!”

Our March craft –tissue paper butterflies with wooden clothespin bodies. I got the idea from little acorn learning.

Two felt gnomes moved in…pattern from Heaven on Earth by Sharifa Openheimer.

More baskets were climbed in…

(coconut milk) ice-cream was discovered…

Bread was kneaded…

New sandboxes created…

Flowers were gifted (thank honey!) and are now being pressed in my new flower press…

Spring wreaths created (tutorial for knitted flowers is found over at Bending Birches)

New kitchens were played with…

New favourite toys including polished stones and a wooden dump truck J

New shelves in the play area J

The sun stayed up longer and shone warmer…

New oak rocking chair from the thrift store J

Lambs were fed and snuggled (by the way 2.5 acres for sale by the lambs owner, ask me for details J)

And more will have to come later..this post is long enough!


Off to tend my teething babe…


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  1. Jese says:

    ‘welcome back’ laura!! i missed your posts. this one was a warm fuzzy for sure. 🙂

    i am so excited for you about the ECE. the world needs you!

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