Birthday goods

The birthday dress from Soulemama’s book…first attempt went slightly awry due to very very wide pillow case and I just can’t decipher a lot of the directions in those books…I pretty much take the photo as inspiration and run with it.

Here you see our creative method of tying the straps which did work in the end.

We ate (rice pastry) bumble berry pie with (coconut milk) ice cream, this was me attempting to grab a photo of her in her crown which we forgot to don whilst the birthday song was being sung. In case you can’t tell, those are quails running toward some bushes.

And this is Charlotte, made entirely by me…her head tilts slightly to the side, her clothes are a bit whacky, but I did it. Here are the tutorials I used in case you’re wondering here and here.

My little bookworm, if it’s a book, she likes it. From her great grandmother a nice vintage edition Mother Goose book seen on the shelf. The illustrations are neat and not super cartoony.

Sturdy stockmar beeswax crayons…so far she likes to chew them but not much comes off and they’re fairly non-toxic so whatever,,, drawing will come.

Ok, I made this shirt. I ❤ it. It was fairly quick and easy to sew and I’ve had tons of compliments. Definitely a beginner project. Don’t be intimidated byt the elastic thread! Tutorial here. See, I’m giving you all the free pre-trialed tutorials yay!

Ok, the photo doesn’t do it justice but this was my inspired rice pasta mac ‘n cheese…with sausage, dandelion greens, tomatoes, and feta cheese. It was really good but I’m not sure I can do goat dairy either and my baby has another double ear infection…yes, se had a cold but I’m sure the dairy congestion didn’t help!

So, I made another pillow case dress and just played around till it looked right. Much better. I think I have a comprehension problem, but I just don’t understand the directions in the book after 20 times re-reading it.

I had hoped to make the doll cradle from but ran out of time so I scored this one for 2$ at the salvation army.

And that’s all. I would be lying if I said her birthday was anything but bittersweet. There was so much sweetness, really, but the memories are still very hard. I hope to write more on birth trauma soon… peace,


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3 Responses to Birthday goods

  1. Marcy says:

    My little one’s first birthday was bittersweet for me, too; it’s still rather bittersweet to look at baby pictures of her. I don’t really think I realized it until afterward, but her birth and the latter part of pregnancy (dreading / anticipating the birth) were pretty traumatic, even with a short labor. And a week after she came home I was back in the hospital.

    She’s four now.

  2. Thanks for your comment, I always love “meeting” people I don’t know in real life on here! I really think we women need to talk more about our experiences and even to first time mamas, even though it’s hard…not as horror stories but as “be strong, be empowered” stories.

  3. I absolutely love the doll! You did a great job!! I will see if maybe I can help with some of the sewing directions you were having issues with, but I can’t make any promises haha. You are very inspiring! I love the fact that you are making your own clothes!

    As for the bittersweet birthday memories, I wish I knew what to say but I don’t. 😦 I can totally understand the fact that women who go through traumatic births need to grieve, really nobody knows how long that process will take, and that’s ok. I like that you are honest though, you don’t have to be ‘happy’ about the day. I truly think that by going through what you did, you will be amazing at helping others cope when they go through similar traumatic experiences……when you are ready.

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