Practical sewing

Wipeable pocket bib, tutorial here.

I seriously love this. I made it in a half hour including pinning and cutting and using bias tape which I’ve never used before. No more fishy terry cloth bibs…this one is the mother of all bibs just rinse and hang and presto!

A view of the back where it fastens with Velcro. Yes, you see a wee mistake, but this bib is so awesomely functional. Next time I go to a one year old party this is what they’re getting!

Ok, she’s a bit sad and unwell here…can you blame her? We had a very rough night…I am pretty sure we both officially qualify as celiac at this point. I need to come to terms with the fact that neither of us can have *any* gluten and be well. Period. The jury’s still out on goat dairy. My feeling (hope) is a teeny bit here and there? I felt as if I had food poisoning last night and nearly vomited, followed by a lot of pain, and my little quail cried in her sleep, choking on her stomach contents more than usual, my nipple was planted in her mouth, poor thing. Anyway, as I said, she needed a hat, hoping this one stays on better. Tutorial and pattern can be found here, on Meg at Sew Liberated’s Blog.

Nice big wrinkle in the front…oh well…I won’t tell you how many needles I broke at that point… let’s just say I was a bit shaky by the end and I won’t attempt this pattern again sans walking foot for my machine!

More. Well, you can’t really have too many photos of a cute baby in a Sweet pea Pilot Cap, can you? Even with an ugly couch in the background. (someone PLEASE enlighten me about an easy way to make a slip cover!!)

Happy weekend all.

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2 Responses to Practical sewing

  1. alliemc21 says:

    Cute hat and baby quail!

  2. Jese says:

    i like to pretend that i can have spelt occasionally, although i’m pretty sure that’s not true. let’s be thankful for rice! goat dairy is out for me too. wish you could eat it all! so tough when the babes are reacting too. i had made some teriyaki sauce with my wheat free soy sauce and totally forgot that macy is reactive to soy. dumb mama moment that cost me a nights sleep and macy lots of upset.
    i love the hat and the bib!

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