Weekend sewing…sew imperfect

My helper J

A new shirt…depending on where you wear the belt it can be for maternity or not. Pattern from www.makebabystuff.com under “maternity”

Good for nursing with neck tie

Yoga pants, from a traced pair of my pants, idea also from www.makebabystuff.com

New skirt, traced an existing cocymela skirt and then cut off the top jersey waist to make this waist. I did use elastic but the fit ended up being too high waisted.

Total cost for shirt: 1.50 $ (including thread I already had, and all fabric, probably less)

Total time for shirt: well, I’m a beginner…I attached the sleeve backwards and had much seam ripping…so about 4 hours

Total cost of pants: 12$ probably less…discounted cotton jersey with enough left over to make a Sweat Pea Pilot Cap for Sapphire (to come)

Total time for pants: also seam ripping involved. But about 1.5-2 hours including cutting them out etc

Total cost for skirt: about 1$ including thread and all material. Barely made a dent in my king size vintage duvet cover

Total time for skirt (including totally reworking the top several times)…2 hours

I am very pleased, even though there are crooked seams and such, they are totally wearable. I have also seen my sewing skills improve dramatically already.

My tips for beginners:

-start small and simple unless you’re prepared for a more complex project to botch and just learn on it

-use cheap fabric too until you know what you’re doing. Jersey is tricky and annoying at times

-measure twice cut once

-just try it

-pants and skirts are usually easier than shirts

-be patient

-expect to rip many seams

-pick slightly loose items…I found I always underestimated the extra fabric for seam etc. Better to have it a bit big/long and take it in than too small!

We had a weird weekend , sleep schedules were suddenly upended…and we don’t know why. The sewing actually kept me sane. My next projects are pj pants for Haley, birthday crown for Sapphrie, Waldorf doll (to finish not do the whole thing!) for Sapphire, bag for me, laminated cotton pocket bib for Sapphire, and the pilot cap mentioned above.

A few more photos from our weekend:

Excuse the unkempt appearance, I had just spent 5 hours sewing… here I’m making gluten free black bean, oatmeal, rice, buckwheat bread, adapted from Feeding the Whole Family

Haley decided to join the cooking action and made (with help) a delicious Shepard’s Pie from The Calm Baby Cookbook

Finished bread with goat butter:

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2 Responses to Weekend sewing…sew imperfect

  1. alliemc21 says:

    You have been busy! Great pants and shirt, The blue one? I would love the pattern for it.

  2. Sara says:

    I love that picture of you wearing the yoga pants and blue shirt! That shirt is sooo flattering on you!

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