Housewifery and a pledge

Vintage sheets I picked up for under 10$ total. These will make such items as pj pants for Haley, an apron for me and for Sapphire (what!? She helps…mix and make the mess!), a skirt or two for me, a shirt for me, and perhaps a few mama bags.

Squash lamb soup, sort of a quiche with hashbrowns in it and spinach (man it was good!) got the ideafrom The Calm Baby Cookbook (thanks Kandice!), and Sweet Corn and Squash muffins from Feeding the Whole Family.

Doesn’t she look big in these overalls? She is now walking too! And ever so busty reading and generally in motion.

Walking. J

On the simplicity front, I’m happy to report that it never takes longer than 20 minutes to wash dishes anymore! We’re down to three knives (big one, bread knife, and small paring knife) about 5 regular dinenr plates, two mugs, and one of every other type of utensil except spatulas. I’ve even gotten Sapphire’s baby clothes down to one bin I’m keeping of gender neutral/sentimental/handmade type things, with one stretchy wrap, couple diaper covers and booties. I feel like slowly the fog in my mind is clearing.

“Slow” cooking is also getting easier. One day this week I whipped up an apple pie with butter crust (see Feeding the Whole Family link above), Sweet Corn muffins, soup, hummus, and chicken stock without really working up a sweat. In some ways cooking like this is freeing because most things “go” together.

My experimental (temporary because I’ll get broed) weekly plan is:

Monday: soup

Tuesday: quiche/pilaf/fish (usually random garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil covered and roasted veggies would go with this)

Wednesday: Chilli and cornbread or muffins

Thursday: Pasta

Friday: Wraps/Pizza

Saturday: roast (usually a small Cornish hen or organic chicken)

Sunday: make stock, possibly hummus, and shepard’s pie or another casserole-type thing.

As promised, the refrigerator, keeps for 6 weeks in fridge, gf muffin recipe. It does contain oats which true celiacs often can’t have due to cross contamination.

1 qt buttermilk (or sour about 1tsp vinegar per quart of virtually any kind of milk)

2 Tbsp baking soda

4 cups flour (for gf I use about 1/3 cup tapioca starch, couple tbsp. potato starch and the rest rice, quinoa, buckwheat or a combo flours)

1tsp salt

2 ½ cups sugar (use rapdura or brown sugar, or cut it down by almost half. Remember this makes about 4 dz muffins so it won’t be as much. There are also ways to cut back liquids and use liquid sweetners like maple syrup)

1 ¼ cup cooking oil (I use coconut or olive or a combo cause they seem healthiest to me)

4 eggs

½ cup molasses

2 c small raisins (optional)

4 c oatmeal (quick oats)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

Grated rind of 2 oranges (use the innards in salad)

Mix together and store in fridge (wet with wet then combine with dry ingredients with minimum strokes to blend)

Bake in lightly greased muffin tin. 400 degrees for 20 mins

Fill muffin tin ½ full

Keeps six weeks or more (this was underlined) in fridge as batter.

-Emma Horne (hard to read last name) from my grandmother’s archives

These freeze well too, and are fairly healthy and cost effective…skills we’re losing since my grandmother’s time. This brings me to the pledge. I am pledging to make all of our clothing and not buy any (ok maybe some underwear or workboots/pants for Haley) for the next six months. What better way to improve my sewing. Care to join me?

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One Response to Housewifery and a pledge

  1. Jese says:

    as always, your food looks delicious! yum.
    i haven’t learned to sew, so i am very curious about all your sewing plans, you’ll have to post some pics of how things turn out. sounds great!

    simplifying life seems so freeing! i used to keep to this idea quite well when i lived in a small suite. now that i’m in a house… storeroom is getting full. maybe its time for me to read some feng shui again for inspiration! i think i read the same book as you a few years ago, mine borrowed from a friend too.

    thanks for sharing!

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