the much requested laundry soap recipe

There are so many changes in my mind and heart. New ideas, new directions, difficult decisions. On top of this I have been “cooking with whole foods” like mad…most days see me spending hours cooking and then almost as much time cleaning. I’m hoping as we develop our rhythm and these new recipes become more habitual the time it takes will lessen. At least I know we’re eating well and healthy! My gluten-free banana and muffin recipes to come!

Alas, I can’t yet discuss much of these shifts so I’ll leave you with my much coveted laundry soap recipe. If  you google “make laundry soap” you’ll come up with lots.

I use one giant ice cream bucket to hold it (one gallon??) and mine works fine with HE washers…

1/2 cup washing soda

1/2 bar plain white soap (I use a goat milk one, glycerine soaps dont’ work, make sure the colour won’t stain clothes and the smell is ok, you can always add essential oils)

3/4 full of warm water ice cream bucket

essential oils if desired (orange is nice)


grate half bar laundry soap into medium saucepan, with about 1/2 cup warm water. Gently heat, stirring occasionally until soap has fully dissolved. Dump into ice cream bucket 3/4 full with warm water, add washing soda and about 5-10 drops essential oil (optional), stir. Allow to cool. we use a half cup or so per large wash. You will want to keep a long-handled wooden spoon nearby as the cold causes it to separate and it often needs a stir. Once in a while use vinegar rinse to prevent stiffness/buildup. some folks like to add borax.

This costs us pennies a load and is relatively environmentally friendly. One tub lasts us at least a month and that’s with cloth diapers in the mix!


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2 Responses to the much requested laundry soap recipe

  1. Whitney says:

    I’m one of those folks who adds borax. Also, ileave mine as a dry powder. The ratios are 1 part each borax and washing soda, two parts soap flake. Because exact measurement isn’t an issue, I just recycle a scoop from Dave’s protein powder and mix the powder in an old Canadian Gem canning jar with the cute glass lid and zinc ring. Looks cute out on the laundry room counter with other jars holding upholstery/carpet powder and carpet fresh powder.

    My “Holy Grail” of nontoxic homemade cleaners is dishwasher powder! The sites I’ve visited agree with my experience that the homemade stuff doesn’t work. I found it to be so hydrophilic that it sucks water from the air even in a resealable plastic container. Then the citric acid has a chance to react with the alkaline borax, neutralizing them. So I stick with seventh generation. Some sites suggest adding the homemade to natural commercial powders to cut costs.

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