Almost one…

She’s almost one. “Into everything”. Curious about everything. She points, she brushes her hair, she builds, stacks and takes things in and out. She opens drawers, cupboards, and boxes. She is the best explorer I’ve ever seen. She *mostly* feeds herself, she climbs stairs, she says “hot!” and “byyrdd!”, “dee-ehhr!” and “dabth!” and “wuf!” I am in awe of her. She has the most beautiful Sapphire eyes. I can’t believe the sun is about to set on her first year. What an amazing, stretching, challenging, beautiful, horrible, gritty unfolding it has been!

*note: we’ve been experimenting with the idea of “un toys” a lot (see THIS pdf) such as with the branches we cut and sanded for her, and the tray of flour and rice, and most recently pinecones and large stones have been a big hit!

(a birthday sweater in the works!)

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One Response to Almost one…

  1. alliemc21 says:

    Sweet photos!

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