A rag rug I made just before Sapphire was born. I made it on a loom we constructed inspired by this one. I’ve got a braided rag rug in the works though!

My first adventure in needle felting…a little moon and star ball.

My Ball next to my Mother-in-law’s adorable felted bunny.

one of the previously mentioned legwarmers. Pattern here.

Sapphire “discovering” the little felt house I made for her gnome finger puppets. Alas, she tried to rip the toadstool off multiple times. It’s probably a bit old and complex for her still…it might just be a once in a while puppet play kind of toy. Was so fun to create! No pattern, I totally made it up!

In other news, I tried the lamb meatball recipe from Nourishing Tradtions. The results were pretty tasty considering I’ve never soloed meatballs in my life. There were many mishaps…such as the gluten free bread crumbs I tried turning into something like blobs of dumpling when mixed with the meatballs… also if you try the recipe yourself you may notice it doesn’t specify to REMOVE the meatballs from the pan after browning them…so instead I kept adding juices and sauces and ended up with very a very soupy mess with blobs of meat in it. I give the recipe one thumbsup for taste, one thumb down for explanations of meat cooking to a former vegetarian! I also found it (and many of the other recipes so far) quite heavy on the stomach so I am very glad to have another form of cooking inspiration:

Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking With Whole Foods

Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods as seen on Soulemama and Lady I Swear by All Flowers. I haven’t made anything from it yet, but I love the introduction about feeding babies and the directions on cooking grains and legumes (turns out certain beans I was cooking all wrong! who knew!). I’m very excited to try some of the simple breakfast ideas. I’ll let you know how it goes!

This weekend I plan to make the rye sourdough starter from Nourishing Traditions and when it’s ready (in 7 days!) I’ll make real, old fashioned rye sourdough bread. I’m hoping all that fermentation makes the gluteny/wheaty aspects of rye more friendly to our sensitive tummies.

A few more photos from the week:

The meatball mess…

Still met with approval

I apologize for the blurry, poor quality photos, my editing program has changed and I haven’t figured it out yet!

Happy weekending and a little light reading for you: Rudolf Steiner: Kindgom of Childhood Lectures

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  1. alliemc21 says:

    That book sounds like the one I have called Whole Foods for the Whole Family by La Leche League. Lots of recipes for back to basic things like bread, yogurt, sourdough starter, etc.

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