Remineralization…in the kitchen

slinging the babe while making guacamole.

homemade mayonnaise!

deviled eggs.

buckwheat flour soaking in kefir for brunch pancakes.

chickpeas soaking with water and apple cider vinegar to help make them easier to digest…going to turn these into humus!

kale about to be sautéed with onions and butter and olive oil

roasted rock Cornish hen and zucchini, beets, onions.


This week I noticed Sapphire was showing signs of tooth decay on her bottom two teeth. After scouring the internet and forums I’m using probiotics (some say certain virus or bacteria passed from mom esp. can be at cause) rubbed right on her teeth and gums, the brand I am using is cultured from baby poop… cell salts, cod liver oil (good fats help absorb minerals, also vitamin d is high in CLO for strong bones), ionic sea minerals and as much good animal protein and fats as I can ingest.

I have turned to Nourishing Traditions again for ideas on re-mineralizing Sapphire’s teeth…and probably my bones too knowing what I know about pregnancy and nursing. Much of the cookbook/nutritional guide is based on a Dentist who traveled the world to examine diets of traditional Peoples and their dental (and general) health to see what was causing the epidemic of bad teeth, cavities and more in the western world. Weston A. Price is a little known man in many mainstream circles, yet his research was extensive and phenomenal and is just beginning to be taken seriously today.

Before I go any further, let me say I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, mainly raw and on and on…now I guess the closest description of how we eat is mainly “whole” with some paleolithic ideas mixed in. I take the same stand as Louise Hay that all systems of nutrition work for some people. No body is wrong, and as she says in You Can Heal Your Life, many nutritional systems were developed by people who were very sick and healed themselves through their own specific diet. 

Every time I delve into Nourishing Traditions I end up pondering so much -namely how “We” in “the west” have gotten so far from any semblance of a traditional diet. Most traditional/indigenous diets had protective foods like enzyme and probiotic rich versions of ferments, broths, sea food, raw dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, good oils (coconut, olive etc)..wild game. I never realized until I read this book that cattle fed their normal diet (no grain, just grass, hay and root veggies) actually have omega 3 in their milk and meat! Of course my “modern” nutrition courses don’t mention this because farm factory beef and milk has no omega 3. It is like a different “food” entirely!

I won’t bore you with a rant on the politics of food right now. It should be enough to say I follow my body, my cravings, my symptoms, and research that seems to support all of the above. Few nutritional systems can argue with whole foods as the basis of a sound diet, though, and the rest is just details and what works for you.

My food goals for this year are as follows: find a source of raw dairy that is close enough to be affordable, make bone broth at least once per week, reduce our food budget and eat at home most of the time, soak all flours and grains before baking or cooking begin to make my own ferments like sauerkraut.

In other news, here are some recent books we’re enjoying:

Midnight on the Farm

Midnight on the Farm by Stephen Eaton Hume I am a sucker for very beautiful illustrations…we’re avoiding all cartoons and caricatures in our house.

Grandfather Twilight

Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Berger

Lot Of Otters

A Lot of Otters by Barbara Berger

In the coming weeks I have plans for some posts on what I’ve been crafting and also on birth trauma and resources to get through it. Hopefully I will also have a crafting/playroom to show off when the bigger stuff has been moved out of our space.

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