A wonderful New Year’s Eve/anniversary lunch to ourselves at Theo’s which is actually my favorite restaurant of all time. It has the best Greek food and wonderful service. We went there for our wedding dinner and have continued to go every year for our anniversary.

Sapphire actually didn’t cry at all while we were gone (the first time we both left her) which was a relief and a surprise. After lunch we got set up to go to a great drum-filled, children running in circles, stuff-yourself with humus and curry and nachos party.

Gluten free ginger snaps from this book (but mine is the 1990 edition, maybe the 2000 version is better)..I had to modify it by adding an egg and a bit of extra flour, also had to modify the pancakes this morning..they were too runny.  I am not a diagnosed celiac…though I’ve been on and off both gluten and dairy since I was a teenager due to some crazy allergic symptoms. I started the most recent elimination after Sapphire developed a mysterious rash, her reflux worsened, and she had issues with her bowels…it coincided with me suddenly eating more dairy. Dairy also aggravates my endometriosis… but alas, over the holidays I couldn’t go hungry at every party so I allowed myself some wheat and dairy here and there. It’s probably not a coincidence that Sapphire then developed an ear infection.

So now it’s time to cleanse and purge from the holidays. The purging is of the physical clutter sort…the cleansing will be gentle because I am still nursing – A LOT!

Leave you with a few of the last pictures of 2010.

Padraig slippers, and little lady getting ready for the party.

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