sweet moments

some good moments among the less desirable ones. This entire vacation and especially the last 5 days has been filled with vomiting and other unmentionable excretions, trips to ER’s and clinics, crying, screaming and entire nights sans sleep. But we are resting now and even despite these grosser times, I am grateful -for raspberry pancakes, “bat!” time, and daddies who love to cuddle their babes, even when they can barely sit up!

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One Response to sweet moments

  1. Jese says:

    love your new blog! i am so impressed that you have been doing it. seems like so many ideas i have of things to do one day are becoming reality for you. making clothes, being crafty, sharing photos, encapsulating placenta, blogging. perhaps mothering magazine has been inspiring you too. 🙂 soon you’ll be selling on etsy!
    i am so sorry to hear about all the health issues. yikes that sounds awful and those sleepless nights take a toll on sanity. i am sending the family some superpowered happy healthy love. we have been having some tough teething nights but nothing compared to you. call me if you want to talk it out!
    wishing for lots of sleep in the new year for both of us. 🙂

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